Free as in Speech

Linux, Liberty and Why You Should Care

On Saturday, March 5, 2016 The Science Café on the Coast and the South Mississippi Linux Users Group presented a very special Saturday Science Café, "Free as in Speech: Linux, Liberty and Why You Should Care"

Thanks to all who attended and those donating their time and effort to make this event a success. The event provided most in attendance with their first look at the Linux operating system and several demo systems were available for a hands on experience.

From the number that attended, the room was full, holding another event in the near future may be an option. If you did miss the event just check our meetings page and attend the next one and someone will be glad to share the knowledge needed to learn Linux yourself.

Are you tired of Windows slowing your machine down? Tired of big companies collecting your user data? Open-source software gives you the freedom and fun of being able to control as much as you want to about your operating system and desktop environment. You’ll be surprised at how user-friendly Linux is and how many options you have for programs and support.

Please join us for a presentation on the Linux system and philosophy from Michael Rainey, president of the South Mississippi Linux Users Group, and learn about the advantages of using Linux. You will also have the opportunity to ask the experts your questions and to receive hands on time with Linux as well as your own free live DVD to try the system before installing it. Feel free to bring your old laptops and computers with you to see how you can get them running faster and smoother with Linux.

Michael Rainey spent the past ten years learning and working with Linux and currently works as a system administrator specializing in Linux systems and works to promote the free and open philosophy of GNU/Linux. He is the president of the South Mississippi Linux Users Group located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He has used Linux to design and publish books for local writers, designed and created web pages, and small scale communications platform. He also uses Linux systems as his daily operating system with no need for high priced software or hardware. (i.e. Microsoft or Apple)

Science Café on the Coast is a collaboration between the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Libraries, Harrison County Library System, Long Beach Public Library, and Hancock County Library System. South Mississippi Linux Users Group is a group of computer and technology enthusiasts that meet once a month to share ideas, knowledge, and to promote the free and open philosophy.