Timeline of the South Mississippi Linux User's Group

October 1997 - The ms.linux newsgroup is voted into creation with a charter that includes "the coordination and formation of Linux user groups".

24 January 1998 - Jimmy Simmons, in a post to the ms.linux newsgroup, writes Ok, so I'm subscribed to this group see, and like someone said they wanted to form a Linux Users Group see, so whats up with that?

15 February 1998 - The fledgling coastal Linux Users Group meets to decide on a name, among other things, and the South Mississippi Linux Users Group (SMLUG) is born. The first meeting took place at Communications Research Corporation.

18 February 1998 - The smlug.org domain name is registered with the InterNIC.

15 March 1998 - SMLUG positions of President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer are created and filled temporarily -- awaiting the creation of a formal charter and by-laws.

The second meeting of the South Mississippi Linux Users Group was held on 15 Sunday March 1998 at 2:00 PM CST at Dreamweaver.

Attendees in approximate order of arrival:

  • Bill Maloy* of Gulfcoast On-Line Development, Inc
  • Joe Lewandski
  • Scott Hammack
  • Jim Hammack
  • Frosty
  • Josh Murrah of Intelligent Alternatives and the South Alabama Linux Users Group (SALUG)
  • Eric Ladner** of Chevron
  • Ray Rocker of American MetroComm Internet Services
  • Todd Mullins, formerly of the Naval Research Laboratory, Stennis Space Center
  • Chris Feuillade
  • Lance Snodgrass
  • Jimmy Simmons*** of AMCIS
  • Chris Reahard

* Elected Secretary/Treasurer (temp)
** Elected President (temp)
*** Elected Vice President (temp)

     Eric Ladner was elected President, Jimmy Simmons was elected Vice President, and Bill Maloy was elected Secretary/Trasurer. Jim suggested an SMLUG mailing list, and by the following wednesday, email addressed to "all@smlug.org" was being sent to all SMLUG subscribers.

21 March 1998 - The SMLUG web site joins the "Webring of Linux Users Groups" as Site ID #3.

16 August 1998 - SMLUG meeting attendance declines throughout the summer of 1998, with the August meeting experiencing an all-time low of 5.

20 June 1999 - SMLUG meeting attendance experiences a new record low of 3.

23 June 1999 - Contact is made with the Linux User's Group of Jackson (LUGOJ)

21 October 1999 - SMLUG meetings are moved to the Third Thursday of each month, at 7 PM, at the Crossroads Parkway Barnes & Noble (just North of I-10 on Highway 49). The SMLUG meeting takes over the available cafe seating.

12 March 2000 - Contact is made with HUBLUG and USMLUG. (See SMLUG home page for current URLs)

17 January 2002 - meeting at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in the Crossroads Shopping Center near the I-10 and Hwy 49 intersection. The meeting notes show that Bill Maloy set up the smlug.org website to distribute news and meeting announcements.

Sep 2002 - SMLUG moves to the MS power building, downtown Gulfport.

June 2003 - SMLUG obtains books from O'Reilly publishing.

16 October 2003 - meeting at the School-Link Technologies building in Biloxi where Bill and Terry work.

15 Februrary 2005 - meeting at the Irish Coast (the 7th anniversary meeting).

19 April 2005 - meeting at Barnes & Noble, Crossroads Mall.

15 Nov 2005 - meeting at the Coffee Fusion in Ocean Springs. First meeting post Katrina. Agenda items include rebuilding the SMLUG and podcasting the meetings for those unable to attend.

17 September 2007 - meeting at Coast Grocery in D'Iberville.

16 May 2008 - The SMLUG website is now a Wiki.

September 2010 - meeting at West Biloxi Library.

15 October 2011 - Henry Blanton found a new location for SMLUG to meet, the Holiday Inn Express in Long Beach. The conference room is almost always available and they have WiFi Internet connections.

21 May 2011 - The group selects Michael Rainey as President.

It was discovered the wiki page was altered drasticly by someone or some bot. The LUG was encouraged to fix such problems if possible. If a member is not comfortable fixing the problem let the LUG know through the mailing list and let someone else fix it.

14 January 2012 - meeting at the Holiday Inn Express. At this meeting we discuss the SMLUG Wiki, which was hacked.

16 February 2013 - meeting at the Holiday Inn Express. The group decides to create a Raspberry Pi based home router that we can use to share files and connect to the Internet at meetings. The project gets a name, Wireless Access Router Project (WARP).

15 February 2014 - meeting at the Holiday Inn Express. The group decides to update the SMLUG website. Also, a project is proposed to set up an Asterisk server and test it for the group's use when we want to meet online.