[Smlug] CSpire posts fiber-to-home package prices :-/

Donald Newcomb donald at Newcomb.ML1.net
Sat Feb 22 17:18:52 EST 2014

Well, I don't need 1Gbps Internet any more than I need a Bugatti Veyron. Unfortunately no one seem interested in going after the 5-10 Mbps segment of the market.

Don Newcomb
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  I'd pay $80 for 1Gbps as well. Especially considering I'm paying $50 for only 5 Mbps right now. Cable one was my only option 2 years ago and the 50Mbps was limited to 50 GB per month and $10 per GB over. 5Mbps was "unlimited". I just saw that the policy is now 300 GB for the 50 Mbps plan for the same price! Guess it's time to "upgrade".
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