[Smlug] CSpire posts fiber-to-home package prices :-/

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But that's how we upgrade our infrastructure.  A new technology pushes out
high end services until the point where it becomes commonplace and replaces
the previous generation of technology.  Lower tier services still exist,
but typically the speed would go up keeping the price about the same.  If
fiber permeated the market, the low end services would still cost the same
but would be about 50-100 Mb/s

Cable did it to modems, fiber will do it to cable.  Maybe one day 10gLTE
will replace it all with wireless 10Gb/s..

On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 4:18 PM, Donald Newcomb <donald at newcomb.ml1.net>wrote:

>  Well, I don't need 1Gbps Internet any more than I need a Bugatti Veyron.
> Unfortunately no one seem interested in going after the 5-10 Mbps segment
> of the market.
> Don Newcomb
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> I'd pay $80 for 1Gbps as well. Especially considering I'm paying $50 for
> only 5 Mbps right now. Cable one was my only option 2 years ago and the
> 50Mbps was limited to 50 GB per month and $10 per GB over. 5Mbps was
> "unlimited". I just saw that the policy is now 300 GB for the 50 Mbps plan
> for the same price! Guess it's time to "upgrade".
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