[Smlug] WD hard drive recovery?

Ladner, Eric (Eric.Ladner) Eric.Ladner at chevron.com
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Drives today require the ID chip be transferred to a new controller, so you can't just buy an identical drive of the same type and swap controller boards.

I had a similar problem recently and found a web site where they'd swap your chip to a new board (~100 bucks if I remember, almost the cost of a new drive).  It worked...

This is assuming there are no mechanical problems with the drive, of course.

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I've recently learned the hard way, that some current Western Digital hard drives are subject to dumping the ROM on their control board, which causes them to get a case of Alzheimers. They just forget that they are hard drives. They will spin up and the SATA port reports that something is there but it doesn't know what it is. WD's Data Lifeguard Tools does not fix this. I've read that there are some tools that will either restore or rebuild the ROM on a WD dirve and was wondering it anyone had experience with them?  This WD Green 3TB has nothing critical that needs to be recovered. So, it's not worth sending off to a data recovery outfit. I just hate to destroy the drive if it could be fixed.

Don Newcomb
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