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Kevin Wise wiske57 at opensuse.us
Mon Mar 31 16:41:58 EDT 2014

Indian federal state of Tamil Nadu adopts Debian derivative BOSS
GNU/Linux as official OS

It was as far back as July 2011 when the federal government of India
decided to launch a new ICT policy based on the mandatory usage of open
source operating systems rather than proprietary software, as a reaction
to Microsoft's announcement that they would no longer support Windows XP
after April 8, 2014. Later that year, in November 2011, the federal
state of Tamil Nadu, located in the very south of the Indian
subcontinent, released Government Order No. 15 [5], introducing the
Debian derivative BOSS (Bharat Operating Systems Solutions) GNU/Linux as
a mandatory operating system to be installed and used on all
governmental computer systems, particularly on those of the Department
of Information Technology.

BOSS GNU/Linux, developed by the Centre for Development of Advanced
Computing (C-DAC), has support for all Indian languages, bio-sensing
devices, and digital signatures, and can be customised for local
environments, as the Indian newspaper The Hindu [6] points out in a
recent article. Besides the cost saving effects of switching to BOSS
GNU/Linux, it was the reduced risk of being infected by viruses or
affected by hacking or phishing attacks that led the Indian Government
to implement the new operating system.

Despite the order issued in November 2011, many Tamil Nadu governmental
offices had been continuing to use Windows XP, but the recent Microsoft
announcement stating that support would not be continued beyond April 8
made the Tamil Nadu government advise its departments to install BOSS
GNU/Linux mandatorily on all their systems, issuing another order some
weeks ago.

    5: http://bosslinux.in/sites/default/files/BOSS-in-DIT.pdf

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