Wireless Access Router Project (WARP)

The project goal is to create a wireless AP that will provide authentication, file sharing and redirection to a common portal page. Internet access would also be provided through a second network interface once the user has logged in through the portal page. We're using a Raspberry Pi because it's inexpensive, flexible and a popular platform today with many resources available for help and documentation. The finished project could be used to allow SMLUG members to quickly network PC's at meetings for file and application sharing. Read more

Multiboot USB Drive

The goal of this project is to create a multiboot USB thumbdrive for the purposes of minimizing the need for unnecessary hardware and maximizing the availability of live distros for installation on a variety of computer hardware. Read more

Begining Blues!

I have a laptop running Ubuntu. I plugged the Beaglebone black into the router then into the computer where it automatically recognized it. I opened up a Firefox browser and went to the and followed the instructions and all went well. I updated the Beaglebone through the terminal window. I then proceeded to make an alternate connection to the Beaglebone via the LAN. This is when all heck broke loose! Read more

Raspberry PI Cluster

John Moore purchased a kit for the Raspberry PI Cluster and wasn't sure what to do with it, so he passed the kit onto me. After a long wait dealing with several distractions the project is completed and ready for a demo. The first step is to build and configure the system. Read more