Beginning blues! Part 1

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If you was at the last meeting I discussed the clock project. If you wasn't then I'll reshare information about it at the next meeting. Thanks for all the SMLUG members for their valuable input.
Here is where I am so far:
I have a laptop running Ubuntu. I plugged the Beaglebone black into the router then into the computer where it automatically recognized it. I opened up a Firefox browser and went to the and followed the instructions and all went well. I updated the Beaglebone through the terminal window. I then proceeded to make an alternate connection to the Beaglebone via the LAN. This is when all heck broke loose!
I had to open up 2 ports in my router. I connected to the Beaglebone through the terminal and uploaded the necessary files to allow the board to be controlled through a host client. Then I download the windows viewer onto the laptop. Finally got an X window?? At this point I know that the Beaglebone comes with LXDE and this is the DE I should be seeing but I am not. I try to find out if mine even came with LXDE but at the time couldnt figure out the command to list installed programs. I decide to download it to see if possibly came with or updated with a corrupt file and still nothing. It was after I shut things down and came back to it that I realized that I just changed my laptop to LXDE! Uh oh! I input into the wrong terminal window! Lol! Grrr! Anyways, at that time I decided to get away from beginners woahs and get to some life stuff that needed attending to.
I am dedicating an hour of my day every day to Linux classes for the 3rd time (My brain would not intake information well the last 2 times. Maybe the 3rd time is a charm).
I an also dedicating an hour or more to this project every day.

Thanks again for all the help at the last meeting and best wishes to all!
Jon Ivan