Below is a selection of books and hardware reviewed by members of the SMLUG. If you are searching for a title which can help you expand your knowledge or maybe you have read something that you would like to post a review. Check out this page, you may find something.

Python for Kids, A Playful Introduction to Programming

Author: Jason R. Briggs
ISBN: 9781593274078
Publisher: No Starch Press
Price: $34.95

When the I saw the title "Python for Kids" I was a bit intrigued by the concept of this book. How does one introduce a programming language to kids without scaring them away from the topic alltogether. The answer is, "keep it simple." The author presents the material in a light and humorus way so as not overwhelm the reader. Each chapter is followed by a few simple excercises to reinforce what has been read. Also, the author completes the book by guiding the reader through the steps of creating graphics and games in the python language.

I would recommend this book to children and adults who are interested in learning programming as an easy way to get started and not be completely overwhelmed with the underlying theories of computer programming.

Reviewer: Michael Rainey

Arduino Cookbook 2nd Edition

Author: Michael Margolis
ISBN: 978-1-449-31387-6
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Price: $44.99 (print)

Whether you read it from cover to cover or jump to an interesting project you will find the information needed to learn all the Arduino is capable of. Provides the needed background for beginers while building up to more advanced projects as you learn. Anyone already having experience with the Arduino will also find advanced projets and code that may be incorporated into a project you want to build. Well written and easy to understand examples will get your project up and running quickly while providing the background to understand the code it runs.

Reviewer: Kevin Wise