Improvements to SMLUG.ORG

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I hope these are improvements that will let the group make better use of the site. At this months meeting, first of the new year, I told everyone they could create an account and post to the site and encouraged those already having an account to make use of it. Driving home I realized there wasn't an easy way to format a post and no way to upload files without having someone with FTP access upload them for you. Not a convienent flow.

After I got home I created a default user account, I had been loging into the site through an admin account, and things only got worse. I had thought permissions and site access were configured quite different for a default account than they turned out to be. As it was there was access to a personal blog and nothing else I could find. I have changed permissions to allow all members to create articles, pages and other content on the site. Have a look at the changes and let me know through the mailing list of any questions or comments. I already know the dashboard is not working as it should and will work on that. Permissions are still not set as they should be to allow customizing the dashboard and several other features.

I said you could comment on the mailing list but I guess this is a blog. Try loging in and post your comments here. If you are a SMLUG member and don't have an account on this site come to the next meeting or send a request through the mailing list.