The Feburary meeting had nine members attending including one new to the group. Michael submited a new logo for the website that was adopted to go with a new theme installed recently. The group gave our newest member a good overview of what to expect from Linux and advised spending some time learning the command line.

It was decided that for the March meeting we would have a mini install fest. Several in the group are donating parts to assemble a computer for our newest member and this will be completed during the March meeting. If you know anyone interested in giving Linux a try invite them to the March meeting. They can bring their system and have Linux installed during the meeting.

Meeting roster for Feburary:

  • Spencer Candland
  • John Dahl
  • Matt Marchant
  • John Moore
  • Don Newcomb
  • John Pierce
  • Michael Rainey
  • George Stevens
  • Kevin Wise

First meeting of the year offered a look at SSL and a closer look at SSL certificates. John Pierce presented how our trust in SSL is based on those certificates and from what I understood they may not be as secure as advertised. The Orange Grove Library had expressed interest in replacing their current Windows system. Michael had challenged members to present to someone new to Linux why it would be a good alternative to Mac, Windows, and possibly Android. John Dahl had prepared a Linux presentation that could be used in such a setting. Unfortunately no one with the library was able to attend due to scheduling. As often the case we may have discussed the software used to prepare the presentation, Remark, more than the material presented. It is a Javascript library to produce a slideshow.

We had one new member attending this month, Larry. Electrician by trade he has a strong interest in Linux. He demo'ed a Pinebook Pro with 64-Bit Dual-Core ARM architecture. It seemed to be well built from the outside with a solid case, no plastic feel to it like the 'adapt-a-Pi' into a laptop that I've seen. We also discussed members posting to the website and most were not aware they could.

This site is using Drupal to manage content and as a member you may create your own personal account and post or comment. I didn't think about there not being a basic wysiwyg editor installed or a way to upload files. You can still post or create a page and I will work on installing the modules needed for Drupal to upload files and an text editor. Hopefully with that in place more of our members will share their knowledge with members just starting to look at Linux or opensource. There were 8 members attending this months meeting. If possible try to invite someone interested in linux to the next meeting.

Meeting Topics

Meeting Topics are usually decided a few months in advance and members or guest are welcome to present any topics or projects they or the group may be working on.